Workflow Solutions
Our e-Filing and workflow solutions help Government Agencies streamline their e-filing and workflow processes. These solutions enhance transparency of policy-related processes and provide constituents with 24/7 access through a web-based interface; assure appropriate levels of security and data integrity, and allow integration and interoperability with other enterprise systems.

With the development of new technologies and enhancements to old technologies every day, there’s a need for the Government Agencies to be ahead of the curve.

Omega is committed to ensuring the higest quality, effective and cost efficient workflow solutions. Our team leads the entire software lifecycle; from requirements and design, construction, testing, release and respond. All workflow solutions are designed to exceed customer expectations and improve operational efficiencies.    

Over the last nine years Omega has helped Government agencies implement/enhance e-Filing Systems and Workflow Management Systems using latest web technologies to achieve IT objectives and adapt to rapidly changing technology. Our complex solutions are reliable, scalable, and secure.


Omega begins with the end in mind.  We set measurable achievable objectives based on information gathered in the requirement phase. Stakeholders collaborate with our team and have direct input in the design and desired outcomes of all workflow solutions.


Omega uses Agile and scrum methodologies for software development. Our highest priority is satisfying  the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. We use latest technologies and provide consistent training to our team to remain ahead of the technology curve.

Quality Assurance

“Quality can be improved by following best practices not by adding more testers”

Omega, is committed to providing Quality solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our software development process distributes the testing responsibilities across the software development lifecycle. Omega ensures the completeness and correctness of requirements.

 Efficiency: Workflow automation significantly improves organizational operations.
 Accountability: End users are provided with information in a timely manner, allowing                                        management tasks to be completed on time.
 Systems Integration: Users have the ability to integrate workflows into existing      
                                              applications and databases.


  Centralized information, data is available in a single system
  Consistency, workflows perform as designed
  Communication, proactively communicate workflow data internally and externally.