Business first methodology.

Effective use of data can help both grow the top line as well as find cost saving efficiencies. The lack of a coherent data strategy can erode customer loyalty , slow down time to market and introduce larger than anticipated risks both in terms of growing and managing the organization. Gartner estimates that the average company loses $8.2 million a year from poor data quality. Often times, this is a result of developing the data strategy in a silo without fully understanding the business imperative for that strategy.

At Omega, we take a very business outcome focused approach to data management. Our data management methodology focuses on first establishing the business priorities by working closely with the business leaders at our clients. We then work with the business and technology teams to develop processes around these priorities with clear ROI objectives for their data assets. Once we have set up the framework where the business and technology are aligned, we develop key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the strategy following which we move to identifying and implementing the relevant technology solution.

Omega's Business Outcome Driven Methodology


Omega's team of consultants work closely with business leaders to define their business priorities for  and define how these priorities can be achieved by developing a data strategy. We believe it is important to align the data strategy with the business priorities to be able to achieve the required outcome and the ROI.


Once the data strategy has been defined, Omega consultants work closely with business and technology leaders to articulate its purpose and translate it into action plan. In order to transition from strategy to execution, Omega consultants will draw on their years of industry experience to develop the process frame-work necessary to increase the odds of a successful implementation.


Prior to moving to an implementation phase, Omega consultants will partner with business and technology leaders to define the top measurable KPIs that are aligned with the business objectives. As implementation begins, these KPIs will continually be measured to ensure that the implementation is aligned with initial business objective.


Omega will work with client technology teams to identify the relevant products to execute the data strategy. Data management implementations can include multi-vendor technology solutions, integration as well as third party enrichment data. Omega consultants have deep expertise in working with master domain data, establishing data governance, ensuring data quality as well as developing analysis and visualization tools for managing structured and unstructured data.